How can one be afraid of giant pencil? To me this doesn't make

any sense. Should I have used the title as part of my stream o’ consciousness?
How can a crap be holy? Could you get a priest to bless it?
That brings to mind a funny image: A priest baptising a giant turd, dunking it’s head in the water.
Do I really want people to know what’s in my head? I guess not, but I’ve already started so I guess I should just finish it.
I have 661 chracters left.
Shit, well now it’s down to only 635!
I should stop wasting my characters on pointless observations!
Wait…. isn’t Ficly all about writing fiction?
Maybe I should go back and edit this so that it is not actually what I was thinking at all.
Then it would be fiction!!!
HA! Now all the people reading this will be wondering if I actually went back and edited it to be more… fiction-y.
But, if I had edited it, I would have edited out the part where I thought to edit it, wouldn’t I?
Or maybe I kept it in to make it seem more realistic, like how people thought the Blair Witch Project was real for a while.
Or LonelyGirl13.

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