Jim Meet Courtney

“She’s special, Jim!”
“I’m not arguing that, Kevin, it’s just..”
Kevin’s hand went up, “Stop there. I don’t want, don’t need, to discuss this right now!”
Courtney entered. Her face smiled; even here tropical blue eyes smiled. To Jim, it was a phenomenal break-through. He could not tear his eyes from the tall blonde woman as she lay a tray down with cups of tea.
“She drinks tea now?” Jim leaned in on Kevin.
“Yes, Jim, c’mon, please!?” Kevin rolled his eyes and clenched his teeth, but his face changed when he looked at Courtney, “Thank you very much, it looks lovely.”
“You know I’d do anything for you, my love,” Courtney giggled and handed out tea.
“My love?” Jim whispered.
“Look. You can leave…”
A shot rang out, taking Jim in the throat. A silent, gurgling, scream split his face as he fell to the carpet.
Courtney stood smiling with the smoking gun.
“What? Why?” Kevin cried.
“You looked unhappy,” Courtney frowned.
“No you don’t just..”
Kevin keyed the remote. The android’s matrix shut down.
“I was so close,”

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