Producing a piece of cloth from her sleeve, Victoria carefully wiped the nub of her quill pen. She closed the lid on her pen case and looked across the conference table.

‘Gentlemen, I believe our business is finished, thank you,’ she said, rising from her seat.

The men in suits hastily stood, murmuring as they backed out of the room. Victoria’s assistant, Elizabeth, closed the door and collected the quarterly reports. Arching an eyebrow, she looked over her glasses at Victoria.

‘You look very tired today,’ she admonished.

‘It has been a long week of meetings, of signing paperwork,’ she sighed,’ it used to be so much simpler.’

’You know you must meet with them, they insist, ’ replied Elizabeth.

‘I know. What I need is a trip abroad before the next quarter,’ muttered Victoria, ‘Please see to it.’

‘I will,’ she said, ‘should I just get rid of the reporter?’

‘I had almost forgot, please do so,’ said Victoria rubbing her temples.

‘You need to restore yourself,’ whispered Elizabeth, offering her wrist.

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