A Case Study in Employee Development

Fay went off for a week of “Charm School” training (technically, Foundations of Human Interaction) thinking only that it would be nice break from her normal work routine. She didn’t know, and her boss didn’t have the balls to tell her, that she’d already alienated every one else on the team. Or that she’d be canned if she didn’t come back and immediately demonstrate that she really wasn’t " one-way Fay," as she’d come to be known.

Did the training help? I guess it depends on your point of view. By the third day, several other participants, with encouragement by the two facilitators, were giving Fay painful feedback on her selfishness and insincerity. By the last day, she was a total melt-down. The facilitators tried to reconstruct her, but she was too far gone.

Fay never actually got fired, because she never returned to her job. The company was relieved to write her off as a “no-call, no-show” resignation. I ran into her a few days ago, and she’s still homeless. But definitely more sincere.

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