It was a dreary Monday morning when I walked into the office. I knew the rainclouds wouldn’t make for a very pleasant view from the windows on our side of the building. I couldn’t wait to see her face. I hoped to see a smile. She had the kind of smile that lit up her whole face. It lit up the whole room. It brightened my day. She was marvelous. She’d never notice me.
And she’ll never know how I adored her.

As I walked by her place, my heart skipped a beat. I choked on my breath. She wasn’t there. I was overwhelmed with an awful feeling. It quickly vanished, replaced with anger. It had been him. He had done this.
He had… fired her.

The sadness came. I’d never see her again. The mess of sticky-notes in my drawer, filled with my words of love, would never reach her desk. Destined to the paper shredder. The memories of our encounters at the photocopier, pointless. We’d never dance by the tree in the park.
My dreams were shattered.

And he’d hire a replacement by next month.

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