Thx and Tbs Star in Sex, lies, And Mass Suicide (Profile Chall)

I hated workin these deep cover jobs. High profile big wigs got me out here sweatin like a german shepard in ho chi min city. I was supposed to find out which one of these loons were a couple of rogue hackers turned nut job cult fanatics.
I was pretty sure Dr Tim was one of em. He was the brains of the operation, a real Jim Jones type. The old dude had women coming and going from his tent like he was giving away free liposuction at Layne Bryant’s. I was surprised the old geezer wasn’t so syphilitic he pissed Ginsu knifes.
But the other dude, well he could have been anybody.
The night we were supposed to rendezvous with the comet, I knew i needed to high tale it out of there, w hen i felt that old familiar feeling in my back.
“Don’t move flat foot or ill spread cherry pie all over the desert.”
“Dr.Tim You must be Thx.” I gathered.
Then i felt the other pistol and realized who TBS was.
“Look I’m just a Joe on the grift yall can let me bail on this party, honest”
Tbs said,“As soon as you drink this kool aid.”

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