Chaka And Mask Are Natural Born Killers (profile chall)

The chilling black was type a of fear that froze even the marrow inside my bones.
I was scared to move, scared to breathe, scared to even think too loudly. I didn’t know if I had her in my trap or I was a fly in the pint-sized spider’s web. I knew she was out there in the darkness, I just didn’t know where. We watched the big serb leave so the other killer had to be somewhere in this antebellum home, and I was betting my life that it was right in front of me.
Weeks of work had led us to this point; I was on the verge of catching the world’s first serial killer duo. That was only true if she was in the lump of covers that was lying on the canopy bed.
They say the best laid plans of mice and detectives..
The last thing i heard was, “You cant catch Mask by the Moon like that, and I am not alone.”
As I fell to the ground I heard gunshots and my ear piece yelled, “That wasn’t the Serb Chakatreatment is in this house”!
Pow pow pow
I coughed blood and the two girls’ laughter comforted me.

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