Tas And Blue sparrow Know There Is No place Like Home.(Prof Chal

He had to laugh to himself at the coincidence of the situation. The opaque waves triangled on top of the water like a thousand hats from Dorothy and Toto’s nemesis. He laughed again, thinking about how his brand new bright red Pumas with extra fat red laces probably couldn’t even click if he hit the heels together.
He had always wanted to see the golden gate bridge up close, with the cables pulled tight like God playing tug off war with the san Francisco infrastructure.
He laughed again at the sound of the police detective with the bull horn in the background, and imagined him being the Wizard of Oz saying “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”
Hey knew she would come. Tas had waited all week on that bridge. The Good Witch of the East told him, she would meet him there, and nothing could stop thier love.
He smiled again when he heard the Wizard (cop) talking about something to live for.
Taz spotted his true love in the sky, and flew toward The Blue Sparrow like a winged monkey.
The Wizard yelled!

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