League of Awesome

ElshaHawk entered the gargantuan hall. The round ceiling was vastly high, obscured by shadow. At the center of the empty building, amongst the grey stone floors, rubble and cobwebs stood The Others.
ALRO613. THX, Mighty-Joe Young, G2, LoneWriter, Kevin, Rain, Chaka, and so many others.
THX nodded, “Glad you could make it,”
Elsha smiled, “Stovohobo is behind me.”
Stovo entered, “There are other outside ready to take the oath!” he said.
‘As are we all!" Mighty-Joe nodded.
THX sighed, “Very well!” he looked about the empty hall,"IT is not much. It’s definitely a fixer-upper!" he said, “But I have confidence in everyone of you who have joined us here today, that you can make this the NEW HOME OF THE LEAGUE OF AWESOME! We are about COMMUNITY!” THX said, “To write to the best of our ability and most importantly?”
“READ, REPLY, FICLY OR DIE!” the chorus rang.
A great cheer exploded within the hall, as the Oath was repeated three times.
THX nodded, “WE are the League of Awesome! Claim your names on the ledger below!”

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