The Davis Identity (Profile Challenge)

The scene made my blood as thick as 6 week old milk. The train had been torn open with such force that it blew bodies hundreds of feet away.
The FBI said beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of these bodies was the Lone Writer, the Ted Kazinski copycat responsible for 600 innocent lives .
“Hello Sir, I am just a passerby but I have a degree in Reconstructive Anthropology I work for the fifth precinct can I be of some assistance?” Elisabeth Davis said.
“Yes you are a godsend I have to fingerprint these three hundred bodies so we can match them with the database.” I was glad to get the help.
The young lady and I spent the next fifteen hours pulling prints from bloody and burnt bodies, with nothing but a few cups of star-bucks to fuel us.
The next day at the lab I was astonished to find not one match, even though the bomb had to have been less than twenty feet away when detonated. Then I looked at the small ink blot on my star-bucks cup, and ran it in the database.
Elisabeth, L Davis 100% match for Lone Writer

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