The Hunt

She was searching for The One. Usually male, The One had a vibrant aura that always took her by surprise. She could feel the hum of it strongly in this city. He was here. Only once had he taken the form of a female, to trick her, and he said he would never get used to heels, nor forget the maddening monthly craving for chocolate.

The hum grew stronger as she neared a ramshackle complex of tiny apartments in buildings that looked a decade past being condemned. She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing to listen.

She focused her energy inside then sent it forth to probe for his mind. It would look the same as it always did. Not even millennia of space/time travel could change the way his mind was patterned in her second sight.

There! He was on the third story, second room from the fire escape. She sent him visions of a past life. She smiled satisfied with herself. Now she just needed to wait until he figured it out and began to run. The hunt was more fun this way.

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