Elsha Pneumonic (Profile Challenge)

The called us the C.I.C.L.O.P.S. because we were the Cybernetic Intelligence Commando Ops Protocol Squad, but I believe it was because of the hardwired jacks that came out of our foreheads like a large eyeball.
We were the elite, this shiz nigh, if you will. We could go into any mainframe, even the highest security Alpha Six Dash One Mind Erase Programs. The jack didn’t just let us into the computers they crossed our frontal lobes into the system.
I should have been home in bed, but I knew she was out there. I knew tonight would be the night I would cut down Elsha Hawk.
As I chased the rogue through circuits for hours trying to keep my breathe and composure, I imagined the reward for catching her. The papers would read “Alro Catches Elsha.”
Until I saw her beautiful face. She was like cyber angel from the gods.
I should have cut her link but instead she laid her finger on my on chiseled pec, and cut my wire as she kissed me.
Across town a 300 lb. woman unhooks from the link and says, “They’ll never get me.”

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