The Arrogant Wolves

The rabbit hopped around the cage oblivious to the wolves on the other side. They were stalking slowly up to the gate where they noticed the gap just wide enough to shimmy through. The salivation dripping from their eager jawls waiting in anticipation of their next meal. Just then the wolves noticed the shining reflection of silver buried slightly under the grass just beyond the gate. It caught their undivided attention. What was it? Does it move? Is it something to eat? Then the wolves again looked up to focus their attention on the rabbit. The rabbit was only a couple feet away now and looking directly at them fearlessly. Was it sneering? Did it beckon them to come forward one more step? The arrogant wolves were not going to let this over-confident rabbit get the best of them. The leader of the pack stepped forward to push open the gate and once again the shining silver caught his attention but the other wolf was pushing his way through behind him shoving the leader directly forward. SNAP!!

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