Take Care

She took a deep breath. He stared at her in utter confusion. Their relationship had been quite a disaster. Childish hate, a crush, hate, a crush again, and something terribly hurtful from him (but he wouldn’t admet it). And so, he found it surprising to have her talking to him again.
“Uh, well… yeah there’s a bunch of stuff I have to tell you so…” a soft blush clouded her features as she spoke “Like… first of all, I’m sorry. You know, for all the crap you had to take from me some years ago. I think I nearly killed you twice. Literally. And also, um… I’m sorry for being so childish. You know, when you did that and I kind of… reacted stupidly.”
They fell silent. She felt extremely scared.
She had discussed this matter in her mind multiple times. Why should she be the one apologizing when he had been the idiot who had done something you should never do to a teenager. Yet, in the end she had apologized. Better settle things up.
“Well, that was it. Take care, I guess.” and with that, she walked away.

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