Everything That You Don't See

It burns to feel things
I wish it would stop
I love you, it burns
I hate you, it burns
I’m angry, yet it’s still burning
The fire is out of control

It all hurts endlessly
My words, they all come out senselessly
And as always
I bear the pain alone

I’m seared by my sorrow
Perforated by my pain
You might feel the sunshine
But I’m soaking wet with rain

It’s cloudy, its damp
I’m alone, I’m afraid
And like I’ve told others
I’m not really that brave

I’m shaking
Living in a permanent state of terror
Stop making me feel things
Stop telling me lies
And keep yourself from trying to lead other peoples lives

I’m breathing water
I live in fire
I’m lost in the confusion of all my desires

You may wake up from this nightmare
A horrible dream
This is my life
I continue to scream

As always no one hears me
Or tries to understand
My heart is made of nothing
My soul is made of sand

These flames consume my feelings
A conflagration of my being
Yet my life continues on
Without anybody seeing

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