Toss lit cig in gutter. Spark a new cig, suck hard. Dezi’s stack sags ugly. Door locked.
Tweet her:
Prdglsn: @dzdmna lemme in
Cig sucked dry. No re. Fiz this. Going in.
Plug in to RFID reader. Jack n’ hack. No big.
3 ticks: door open.
“Natch,” lawl.
Jet in. Begged for creds by static-faced git.
“All out, fag.” Git grabs threads. Flash red.
“Fuck off!” Boot to face. Headshot. Lawl.
Jet up gravlev. 23 flicks up. Skid to Dezi door. 23.87: clan mark. Bang bang.
“Dezi! Lemme in! Prodig, me!” Nada.
Jack n’ hack door. Dezi’d black even Thelo for it. Clan biz. Top priori. Dezi’ll give.
10 ticks: door open. Nice lock. Go in.
Kit all over. Looks new.
“Prodig!” Jump. Kick. Nada. Holokid: Mona. Look bouncy. No nerve.
“Mona. WTF?”
“Dezi out. New widget go bad.”
“Where Dezi?” Follow to Dezi station. Dezi in chair. Red in ears. Odd bug on neck. I pull.
“Burn out on Glitch. Mona, tweet sirens.” Mona cry, tweet, go.
Tweet Clanchat:
Prdglsn: @all dezi glitch /kick dzdmna lf new cm asap
Snatch 800 creds. Jet. Lawl.

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