Close Encounters Of The Platypi (Profile Challenge)

You ever think you have it all figured out, then a monkey wrench ends up in your jello? We had been on this stake out for so long, I thought I was about to get mail in this corn field. Finally we caught the two idiots. We were trying to nab some low-life college kids faking crop circles. We caught em’ red handed. They had GPS, ropes, compasses, and lab tops full of their work. They tried to act all tough and said they were Platypus and Kant’s Platypus. I just called em busted.
They were in the back of the car and we were about to get a well deserved vacation, maybe even our pics in the paper, when it happened.
At first I thought the sun had come out. Then I thought maybe a meteor was going to land on us. That is when a huge psychedelic skyscraper full of lights floated over the field and began creating a work of art laser light show that looked like an upside down Van Halen concert.
It was breathe taking.
Even though it really was aliens, they still went to jail.
I may be enlightened, but i ain’t crazy.

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