End of the World

When the usually cold winter atmosphere gained a warmer temperature, she let out a loud sigh.
“I guess you’re not going to follow your promise, will you?” she stared at the marvelous ruins in front of her. “Meeting here and all that. How stupid of me to believe you would come.”
Her mind wandereed away, and she couldn’t help but to think of him. What was he doing? Heck, she didn’t even know if he had heard her message. Was she there for no reason? Would she die alone? Only some hours left until everything was
She heard someone gasping for breath behind her, and immediatly turned around.
It was him.
“Sorry for the delay, there weren’t many buses.” he chuckled. She smiled softly, but silence quickly settled itself between them. They didn’t care, though.
When there were only minutes left until their death, he dared to speak.
“Just to make sure, I don’t like you back.” they were crude words, but they had to be said.
“Yeah, I know.” was her only answer.

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