golden sunshine music

Lying out on the deck was something she did daily. Around noon the wooden porch was fully in the sun and at 12:30 when she went and stretched out on it the wooden beams had soaked up so much lovely golden warmth that she could feel it seeping back out and into her skin, as if the sun was both above and below her,and she was sandwiched in between.

The golden sun shone down and she could feel the warmth, the vitamins, the goodness slowly soaking her, surrounding her with summer sunshine.

That was how she spent her afternoons, and sometimes she listened to music while she did it. Then it seemed as though the music was an extension of the sun, but it’s beam shone into her mind, and meant something to her.

Needless to say, hoisting herself back up and heading inside where it would look so dim because of the sun exposure, she never failed to feel rejuvenated.

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