dear mr. claus,

*"dear mr. cLaus, *

i am here not to ask for any present,.

i dont even know what that is.

i know i’ve been a ‘monster child’, my mother always try her very best to hit me almost every 30 seconds, i know she loves me. even if i haven’t heard her say so.

i grow up without a father-figure, well, i never needed one.

my mom’s enough.

i dont have a sibling. im grateful for that. i dont want him to suffer the way i do.

i have a friend, her name’s Ashly. she’s the land lord’s daughter. she’s beautiful, smart, and kind-hearted. she hangs out with me every time she comes around.i’d tell her im out for an errand.

though, she seldomly visits here. her father sent her to a private school far away.

so now its just me and my mom.

anyway, i wrote you this letter to inform you that i believe in you.
even if others dont, i do.

thanks for reading my letter.

love and adoration,

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