We have slept too long

My brethren, I come to you weighted down with centuries of anguish. What has happened to us?

We were ancient masters of the civilized world; royal revenants that made generations fear our Curse! How then are we nigh forgotten? How, in a world now wretched with its wars, tyranny and moral decay, have we no sway?

We have slept too long and in our slumber upstarts have usurped our legacy of fear.

It is time we rise again from stone and ash to deliver a reckoning -not only to the living but to the undead as well.

These… zombies will rue the day they took their first shuffling steps! THEY WILL CRUMBLE IN OUR WAKE! THEY WILL FORGET ABOUT THEIR PRECIOUS BRAINZ AND RUN. Yes: RUN!!

For you see, my brethren, I have not been sleeping. I have determined a clear path to regaining the throne of the reviled.

It is a simple matter of rebranding. Mummy’s Curse must be stressed as relevant in today’s society. We need cultivate presence in social media. Do any of you Twitter or do Facebook? Perhaps a viral campaign…

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