Through The Forest (Part 2)

Katie and Ron continued to walk through the silent forest, every step forward being harder to take than the last. They walked in silence waiting eagerly to hear something, anything.
Then Katie jumped and screamed as she looked down at her leg. The roots of a big oak tree were uprooting and grabbing at her as she aggressively tried shaking her leg to free herself. “Help me!” she screamed in a total panic. Ron was shaken out of his terrified trance when she screamed and began to grab the roots to loosen them from Katie’s bound leg.
As he would loosen one root another would come up from the unsteady earth and wrap around his own legs. “Watch out!” Katie screamed as she watch the roots grab Ron as he frantically tried to free her.
Then with all the strength he could muster, he yanked the last root from Katie’s leg and yelled, “Run! Run back to the clearing!” She turned to run but turned back to refuse knowing Ron was in trouble too. Frozen in fear, she watched as Ron dissappeared into the earth.

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