Waking Up

Yawwwwwn I open my eyes, excpecting to be in my comfy, plush bed with the pillows all around me and my cat snuggling next to me… But alas, there is sand in my pajama shorts and in my hair. I have dried seaweed stuck to my legs and arms. I see my feathers from my pillows scattered around. I try to stand up, my muscles ar sore… What Happened last night? It’s not even like I live near the ocean…. and… why when I turn around do I see water surrounding me…SURROUNDING me. In all the confusion I had forgotten about my cat. I see her walking towards me from the direction on the trees, soaking wet meowing oh so pitifully. Ok, if my cat is here and the feathers from my pillows are here… maybe the notebook and pen I fell asleep on last night is here.. As I search high and low for it.. all over this small little island… but no where is my pen and paper.. What will I do??

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