Under the Forest

Ron landed at the bottom of some sort of hole. He sat in the pitch black, very still, assessing the situation. He was bruised where he’d landed, but nothing was broken. It didn’t seem like Katie was coming through after him, nor did it seem he was going out the same way he got in.

He knew Katie was stubborn, but smart. If she took the time to think, she’d come up with something.

Ron began to notice sounds bouncing off the walls of the cavern. He realized he knew was in a large space before his mind really came to terms with it. He tried to stand to see if there was a ceiling. He reached way above his head. Nothing.

“You can put your arms down, you look ridiculous,” a voice said, making him jump. His heart skipped, and his body shook.
“Who are you?” he looked blindly all around, unable to see a figure in the darkness.

“I am Silas, you can call me Sly.” Two white eyes suddenly shone not two feet away. Ron gasped and moved back.
“Oh, that’s right, you need light to see.” Sly struck a match.

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