Radical Yellow Duck Tales (Profile Challenge)

I joined Mass-ad because I wanted to kill a man. After almost 20 years my little game of revenge was about to close.
“The target is on the move, intercept at the third story elevator.” The headphone squawked into my ear.
As I walked towards the elevator, I couldn’t help but notice how similar the bent crosses of the floor of Buenos Aries Royal Plaza Hotel looked like swastika’s.
That was funny, because of the man I was about to kill.
“Agent Goldberg subdue the target and proceed to the basement where we will process him.”
Twenty years hunting down These subhuman monsters , And I find SS Guard Hienrich Rothering, the man who raped my grandmother and murdered her husband, in an online chat room.
I was supposed to bring him in alive, but I was also supposed to be a full blooded jew.
The look on the elderly man’s face was priceless as the elevator doors closed and I strangled him. I was going to have a new life, without revenge.
I told his corpse, “Radical Duck, I am your Grandson Noobgoldberg.”

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