Ghost Frog (Profile Challenge)

“Kermit is kind of a stupid code-name don’t you think.”
“No I don’t” replied the irritated hit-man.
“But he is a frog.” Laughed Jester
“Kermit is a national hero. He is a frog who ate flies, had sex with a pig, and became a big time movie star. More people around the globe can identify Kermit the Frog than any other top selling box office star you can imagine. From lilipads to untold fame and fortune.” replied the aloof assassin.
“But you are a killer isn’t that supposed to be an anonymous profession?”
“That is the point, it exemplifies the duality of mine, and personifies the human condition. I am a secret killer who doesn’t exist named after the worlds most famous frog. Any more questions?”
“Yeah what did you do before this job?” Jester asked, pulling his face away from the rifle scope.
“I was an english teacher. I do this cause I like the action. Why the fuct do you ask so many question?”
“Just curious.”
“What did you do, and why do they call you jester?”
“I was a psychiatrist, and because I’m funny.”

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