The Girl I Used to Like

Tammy was watching me again. She didn’t know I saw, but I did; I saw her watch me every day after lunch, wishing I would come over and talk to her. I wasn’t going to help her cheat on Steve, though; he was in Germany, and the last thing I needed was for one of his jock friends to find out and kick my ass. Come to think of it, my girlfriend wouldn’t be happy about it either.

In a different life, we could’ve been an item, though maybe it wouldn’t last; it’s hard to say, y’know? I’m not even sure I’ll stay with Janet. Tammy and I took auto shop together; she was a freshman and I was a sophomore, and nobody, including Tammy, had any idea what she was doing in that class. I mean, she was obviously not good with cars. But she tried her best and I liked that; she was so cute, making auto part flashcards and staying after class to practice. I had a crush on her, until she rejected me. I should’ve brought her flowers.

Janet’s different. She loves cars; we met when she beat me racing. I wish I saw her more often…

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