Sylvie did one last mental check of her status. She was precisely 3 meters above her intended location. Her target would be facing away from her on a northerly bearing, half a meter in front of her.

Her warp blade was fully charged – 3 minutes of full use remaining. He dispersal generator was charged for 3 jumps totaling no more than 100 meters. Her reactive skinsuit was active and had 29 minutes remaining.

Using her neural link she checked her account, the deb’s should be transferred right. About. Now!

Silently she sent a neural command to her dispgen, setting her exactly where she intended to be. She activated her warp blade at the same time, and began the lunge that would put the full fury of the matter transference technology in her rapier styled blade through the center of her targets skull.

It was only as she completed the lunge that she became aware that her target, that she had precisely located only moments before, was gone. Her blade punctured the window and vacuum began to gulp the air.

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