The Wizard of Odd (Profile an author Challenge)

It is a night of stygian darkness and violent storm. Our hero stands perched atop a mountain like the dragon Chernobog. His robes fly madly in the hurricane force wind, a lightning strike reveals that underneath he is clothed only in slutty girl’s underwear and bright yellow mom-style rubber gloves. In one hand he points the lightning rod heavenward, in the other, he waits with pen at the ready. When electric bolt meets metal rod, his entire body goes rigid. He is illuminated from within like a cheap Virgin of Guadalupe night light. He begins to mutter something.

“Bizzle, bizzle, bizzzz…”at the same time he makes writing motions in the air. All of this would roughly translate to, “Cue the flying glam rocker monkeys.”

Right on time the monkeys make the scene in sequined outfits ripped off of the Spiders from Mars. The man is pleased, those monkey suits cost a ton.

Mighty Joe has been known to refer to these shock treatments as," a smack on my ass by a lipstick kissed elbow glove." No one really knows why.

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