A Cyber-Narco Footsoldier

A headline read that the TechnoTalibs had struck again, shutting down the command & control net for more than half of the rotary wing sky sentries in Badakshan Province.

Eyes closed, Sibi scanned the story in her cortex unit, ignoring dozens of other reports beamed down from geosynchronous satellites to her Mind’s Eye 380c Internal RSS feed. Most of the stories were damn near unintelligible thanks to the TechnoTalib attack on NATO’s IOCOM news aggregator AI last week. While she certainly felt no sympathy for the jerkoffs at IOCOM, Sibi couldn’t help but whisper a jahlia era curse against the Talibs for fucking up one of the last luxuries left to her- a constant stream of raw data.

Her rant was cut short by a faint chime indicating that her storage media was at capacity. Well, that’s all the Opiotroids I’ll be able to sneak across the geo-firewall tonight, she thought to herself as she packed up her gear and set off on an old footpath into Tajikistan. The OpioJunkies at Camp would be waiting with cash.

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