On Schedule

Death from above, says the news. Meteor at the end of the week? I will have to schedule that in.

This means I will have to cancel my yoga class on Monday to reach my mother that day. She is my only family and lives out in the country. I need to give myself plenty of time to get there since the roads will probably be clogged with panic.

I’ll plan a time on Tuesday to do a walk through the forest to derive meaning from my life thus far.

Wednesday I’ll systematically murder anyone who might be a threat once fears peak; spend spare moments editing life meaning.

On Thursday I will board up the house with wood and steel to provide protection from the environment/inhabitants.

Spend Friday playing board games with mother to ward off thoughts of suicide.

Saturday, suffocate mom in sleep to save her future anxiety/pain.

Sunday, loose sense of reality due to disruption of sanity or mortality.

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