My Echoes 5 - Is The Future The Future?

Horton flexed his eyes. The sudden wrenching pull, and snap back, never got easier.

He flicked a switch on his watch. As its hypersonic thrum faded, he rubbed his temple. He touched his desk and the display bloomed to life. He ran a scan on the watch, as a glass of water materialized on the desk corner.

“Hypnotic Implant 79% Successful.” The unit spoke with the voice of his former VP Laura – after he’d fired the traitorous wench, he’d felt it vengeance that she now gave him the most banal information.

He reviewed the notes his T-Department sent. Given he was in a time loop, there was no indication that each Henry was being drawn from the same single line. Horton had lived the twenty-two year cycle three times – but Harry or Haru could be from loops further on. What did they know?

Horton started on his next hypnotic message – the design for the integrator which had shaped his drink out of thin air. The more tech he could cram down the line, he figured, the more he himself would have at his disposal now.

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