World War Mech

It stared with tagging our dogs with microchips, then our children, then the elderly. It evolved into drug dealers able to electronically hit pleasure sensors, gamers no longer needing computers, just a jack. Then a wireless microchip. When the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that those who were partially Mech were no longer human, all Hell broke loose. Feds began capturing Mechs and torturing people into giving up their makers, since it was now considered first degree murder to mech anyone out. We learned that to get rid of a Mech, all you needed was a little water in a vulnerable spot. ZAP! Electrocutes the whole system. Cheney had nothing on this. Forget water-boarding. This was the future where torture could be shrugged off as fire sprinklers going off. Now I’m strapped to a table, volunteering to test water-proofing. We need to find a way to live without fear of metal detectors, sprinklers, or the current administration’s purge.

Drip Drip Drip, Zzzzztttttt. Dammit! Guess that didn’t wo…

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