I had to try it

Jennifer was nibbling at my thighs in a way I’d never experienced before. I struggled against the nylon cords, not to get away, but to grab her, pull her to me.
I wanted more, please, more
and I whimpered those words
Jennifer stopped, delighting in her power over me
I whimpered again, need, pure need, and my hips shifted towards her
“A lesbian all your life and no one has made you feel like this, have they, my little fucktoy?”
I bit my lower lip.
She gave me a little slap. Not hard, just enough for me to learn my place.
“No, no one. No one does this to me but you.”
And she did. Her mouth assaulted my cunt, made me groan, made me thrash.
But every time I looked over, between the almost-peaks of orgasm just out of reach, I saw Shannon behind the camera.
I wanted her with me, holding me as this woman fucked me like…like a bitch in heat.
Shannon looked at me, her hand under her skirt, whispered “I love you”
and I came, crying out her name, begging to be Jennifer’s slave forever.
I came for them both.

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