Leave the Boa on the Shelf

I sit at home on the edge of my bed, just staring at the ridiculous pink feathered boa I’ve got in my hands. Why can’t I part with it? Why can’t I leave it behind with all her other things?

I look like a stripper, don’t I? You are a stripper, Kat. That’s the whole point of the costume. Good, then! Haha, Jesus, Kat, you’re killin me with that miniskirt. It looks good, does it? Yes, it really does. Well then you should see me out of it Oh, Kat…

Oh Kat… Why did you have to go? Why did you have to leave me here like this? Remembering nights when you wrapped this boa around my neck to pull me in for sweet kisses I’ll never forget. Remembering visiting you in hospital beds, wrapping this boa around your neck so you could feel beautiful even when all your hair was gone. When you were so skinny, I was afraid to hug you, when you were so frail I wanted to cry… Why did you have to go? Why couldn’t you have taken me with you?

I love you, y’know I know, Kat. I love you too. Don’t leave me. Never.

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