Let Go

You promise, you’ll never leave?

I don’t know anymore. If it’s my time, it’s my time.

Don’t talk like that, you’re gunna get through this.

If I leave, don’t keep my stuff too long. I don’t want all the pretty ladies to be scared away.

What pretty ladies? There’s no one else, but you.

Someday I hope you won’t think so.

Please don’t leave me, Kat.

I don’t want to, honey, but there’s some battles I just can’t fight.

Don’t say that!

Promise me, you won’t keep my stuff too long. Promise me you’ll move on.

I promise I won’t keep your stuff too long.

I love you, y’know.

I love you, too, Kat.

I’m so tired.

So sleep. Sleep, Kat. And when you wake up, I’ll be here.

Take care of Moose…

Shh, darling, just sleep now.



should have been Goodbye.

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