Moose and Kat

“This was one of the best behaved cats I’ve ever groomed!” The clerk exclaimed happily as he handed Moose over to me, all cleaned and wearing a brand new collar with green, bell shaped tags.
“He’s such a cutie.”
“That’ll be $47.83, please.” I hand the clerk my card silently. A brunette sidles up next to me at the counter.

“Do you guys give flea baths?” She asks, nervously scratching at the base of her scalp.
“Yeah, where’s the lucky little critter?” The clerk answers her as I’m putting in my pin.

“Oh thank God, he’s in the car now.” She sighs with relief, but her scratching doesn’t stop. I almost want to smile for once.

“How many fleas did you pick off of yourself this morning?” I ask flatly. At first she looks scandalized, but then she smiles softly.

“At least nine.”
“Is this your cat?”
“No. I stole him from the clerk for $47.83.” She laughs.
“What’s his name?”
“That’s a great name.” She stops petting him for a second and I catch her eyes. I gasp. She has Kat’s eyes.

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