The cafeteria was no better than she expected it to be. It was already ransacked and destroyed; tables were upturned, vending machines rent in two and counter islands practically ripped from the ground.

She did not dare eat the food knowing they had touched it.

The water, thankfully enough, was safe. The refrigerator holding it was away from the line of destruction, and thus, still running. Most of the lights in the building were still on; this was one of the reasons she wanted to leave before the night was out.

A building with its lights on during the night was like a beacon.

She was not going to be sticking around in such a spot.

Opening the refrigerator with an easy movement, she reached in and grabbed the last four remaining little bottles of water, stuffing them without hesitation into her large, homemade waist pack. Food, she could live without – at least, for a few days.

Water was vital.

Just as she zipped the pack shut, a clang of metal resounded from somewhere deep inside the kitchen.

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