Rule the World With Coffee

“Rogers, how many times must I tell you?”
“Apparently several, sir.”
“Very well Rogers, let’s go through this again. Remember the South Americans that snuck over the border last week? Well, they had in tow a new species of bean. With me so far?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good! Now, I’ve done a bit of detective work, & this particular bean is very similar to the mundane coffee bean; it looks, smells, tastes, caffinates like the coffee bean. Except there’s something very, very different about it.”
“I can tell; you wouldn’t get that devious grin if it was like the coffee bean.”
“Once brewed, the drinker is instantly hooked. They instantly drop any other morning beverage for this, & a day without it is absolute torture! If we import this bean & convince all major coffee-selling chains to use it, the entire coffee market will collapse beneath this bean’s foot! The whole world will be at this bean’s mercy!”
“But sir, I don’t get it: what about the people that drink tea?”
“I… I…”
“You hadn’t thought of that, have you sir?”

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