I stood there and watched, marveling at my friend. Where I was calm and cool, he was viscous and vivacious. I would watch and follow as he wandered through the battlefield running and screaming. He was drawn to them, to the helpless. A man was pinned down behind a mound in the earth, bullets whizzing by and Fear would charge up to the man laughing and scream in his face. Fear made him cry, Fear made him cling to the locket with his daughter’s picture, Fear made him run, and soon after I had to go claim him.

Fear sang as he danced around the drunken man staring down at his child. He bellowed the tune into the man’s ear. Fear made him angry, Fear made him drink, Fear made him beat his son. I remember when the father was in the same position as a boy. I watched as Fear sang and laughed and tasted the tears on his cheeks as a child. Tonight though, I readied myself, for this boy would be joining us.

For where there is Fear, close behind you will find me. My name is Death.

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