Married with Arguments

The argument had gone on for hours. Neither of them now remembered exactly what had triggered it. Did her mother really tell her on their wedding day that she could still call it off? Years ago he had playfully goosed his sister-in-law under the missle-toe. Did she HAVE to bring that up every time?

Ok it was a mistake for him to bring up the time she backed over the cat. He didn’t especially like the cat. But calling her “Cat Killer” and making a squooshing sound REALLY irritated her.

That there was no way he was going to be allowed to win this argument finally dawned on him. If you want peace, or, if you ever want to get a piece again, ever, you had better just swallow your pride and try to make up.

“Honey, it is silly of us to argue like this. We both have too much pride to admit we were wrong. But if you admit I was right, I’ll admit I was wrong.”

She thought for a moment and then said, “OK, you go first.

“Honey, I was wrong” I said.

“You’re Right on that” she shouted as she slammed the door.

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