Meanwhile, not far away...

Deep in catacombs under the Hall, the only sound was the click of keys. As the quiet man read from his silvery screen, his visage was shock, dismay – and pride.

“Fools! Those glorious, brash FOOLS! Their aim is true, their cause just – but the TRUE awesomosity cannot be shown! To proclaim it is to deny it! The awesomosity is so integral to the whole that to reveal it can be a fatal separation! They must feel the awesomosity flow through them. Through the one, to the many!” His rasp filled the chamber.

“Once I might have risen, to rail against the flash and the show. But I no longer have the strength. Let them fall for a time – it will make them stronger. They will make this place whole and great. I will apply the most surgical strength from the shadows – to help temper the League into an iron unit. One that carries its strength within.” The clicking done, he leaned back in his upholstered chair.

“For I am the LoNA – alone in Non-Awesomosity. From the depths, I salute those… magnificent bastages!”

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