Lethe the World be Forgotten

an Ode to two forbidden lovers who died for their bond, Hero and Leander

We stand here together,
Hiding behind closed Doors
where the sun never shines.
We bathe in Lethe’s waters
and forget the world around us.
As the sun and moon,
no one can stand to see us in the same sky.
Let’s wipe away the years of shame,
days spent crying tears of pain,
Let’s forget it all.
Hold me in your loving arms,
Cradle my head and kiss me sweetly.
I want to keep this moment forever,
But we cannot stay here,
teetering on the edge.
We have to face the world
or face the black abyss.
I’d rather it be this place,
than your face
that I’d miss.
Put a gun to my temple now,
kidnap my mouth,
for the living world will never understand.
Just pull the trigger,
we die together
in the river Lethe
and the world is long forgotten.

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