When Worlds Collide *characters* part 1

Vivian: Werewolf, Waist length white hair, ocean blue eyes, crescent scar over her right eye, naturally tan skin, works at Hot Topic. She is 17 and lives with her adoptive mother who is also a werewolf. Her mom has a daughter named Rachel.
Parker: Vampire, Shoulder length blonde hair, pale skin, amber eyes, works at Abercrombie. He is 18 and lives with his dad, brother and sisters.
Simon: Vivian’s best guy friend, shaggy black hair, pale skin, green eyes, 17. Lives with his dad and doesn’t know Vivian’s secret.
Helena: Vivian’s best friend since childhood, Shoulder length blonde hair with purple and green streaks, almond brown eyes. She is 16 and a half, lives with grandparents after parents died in a car accident.
Logan: Shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, works with Parker, loves girls more than anything. He is 17.
Rachel: Vivian’s 19 year old sister, platinum blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, not of werewolf descent, works at Abercrombie.

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