The game

It wasn’t the enormity of the house that had me speechless, but the lighting. Brilliant halogen spotlights accentuated each of the distinct characteristics of the palatial dwelling, from the gothic archways to the flowered tresses.

I stepped inside, and a wave of various perfumes and colognes washed over me, sending my senses reeling. Each of the partygoers had on a blank white mask, with eye and mouth holes. Conversation was loud and raucous, and I could make out identically masked waiters carrying around trays of champagne.

As per my instructions, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the cloth bag that had been given to me. Inside was a black mask. My breath fell short.

As I pulled it out, I felt a great hush settle over the room as all eyes turned to me. Staring back, I slowly slipped on the mask, the cool plastic sending shudders down my spine.

Our host stepped out of the foyer, wearing an identical mask to mine, loosely holding a pistol.

“Let the games begin”, he cheerfully said before aiming.

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