Virtue Versus Vice

I really should be grateful, I guess. All I wanted was His glory and majesty, to become just like Him. I meant no harm.

But in casting me out, He has also given me more power and influence than I ever had before the fall. I guess he saw my potential and put me to work.

You see, He always knew what he wanted. He wasn’t happy with the idea of a linear, predefined existence for his little creatures. He wanted them to have options, expectations, dilemmas. That’s where I came in, without even planning to.

Who am I to defy His intentions?

So I pursue my work with passion, tossing the lives of His children around, playing to their fears and insecurities, hoping to shift the trends in this exciting little game He calls “life.”

We’re both very happy with the arrangement. It’s just a game, but we love it nonetheless. In fact, it’s a game we play always.

Funny, though, how those little creatures start to catch on… Though only a few of them can comprehend that this isn’t the first time we’ve played the game.

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