Stop (Ficly Challenge)

She stood there, not moving a muscle.
She didn’t breathe, she didn’t blink, she didn’t land.
She was skipping across the street, and she had glanced towards the red octagon on the street corner.
People walking pass stared at her,one foot inches above the ground, her left leg extended, her right, bent into an acute angle.
The wind blew, but her pigtails somehow, magically, stood still.
Her skirt didn’t blow in the wind, either.
Finally, someone accidentally nudged her as they walked past.
She fell over, shattering on the sidewalk.
The man jumped back, his mouth agape.
“I-did I- how did that happen?”
Started to run, but tripped, throwing his phone into the air, until suddenly, four bright white letters set against a red background caught his eye.
His phone never landed on the ground.

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