Slow Children (signs challenge)

I would pull over and watch for them. I wanted to know who they were before I continued on. Often, they were like squirrels, they would turn and dart back the wrong way, the longer way, and you could squash them flat on accident. It was best to stop and watch.

Today though, it was hard to decide. There were two boys shooting each other with supersoakers, but they were pretty fast. There was a girl selling lemonade for 75 cents, but she didn’t look the type. There was a toddler holding Mommy’s hand and while slower moving than the others, his legs were just short and he investigated the world with enthusiasm, unlike the slow types I was looking for.

Ah, there he is. A boy on his bike wearing a helmet and knee pads, gripping the handlebars, but waddling with the bar between his legs. He didn’t pedal. I bet he was unable to ride, unable to figure it out. Yes, he was the Slow one!

I pulled out cautiously, eyes on the boy, from under the Slow Children At Play sign. I’m so glad they put those up.

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