Young Gods

“Let’s begin.” The teacher paced before her class, explaining How To Be A God and Proper Creation Of The Universe. They’d already progressed to making their first creatures, and most had chosen humans, a simple, mostly harmless creature.

But one aspiring student had decided to stray from the pack. He decided, rather than making humans (who only know a fraction of each emotion), he would create new life for each emotion, able to know their emotion fully.

First came Anger (as it began with an A).
Then Belligerence.
Then Chagrin.

The teacher rushed to his desk. “What are you doing? Stop at once, they’re unbalanced! Your people are made in your image, but they change you as well! We covered this in section 3…”

“I miss the point.” The boy glared at her.

“The point is, by the time you make Fury, Grief, and Hatred, you’ll lose yourself. All your insides fall to pieces, and you’ll just sit there wishing you could still make Love.”

The boy considered this, then angrily destroyed all his work.

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