If At First You Don't Succeed...

“This is WFCY’s Nights with Norm. I’m Norman Reilly and you’re on the air!”

“Hello, Norm.”

“Hi, caller! What’s up?”

“Have you ever murdered someone, Norm?”

“Um… No, I can’t say I have!”

“It’s not like the movies. See, in the movies when a woman kills a man it’s kind of… sexy, you know? Like she’s the seductive Black Widow and he’s the unsuspecting mark. There’s a sexuality to it.”

“Go ahead.”

“Well, I mean, it’s over too quickly and the emotion is all wrong. Maybe I just didn’t do it right.”

“You’re telling me you murdered someone?”

“Yes, Norm. About an hour ago in the park. Cute guy, walking his dog. Nothing like in the movies, though…”

“I’m… I”m sure it wasn’t…"

“But I’m thinking, you know, maybe I just need practice, right? Maybe next time it’ll be more sexy, like in the movies… What do you think, Norm?”

“I don’t think murder can be sexy. It’s inhuman.”

“Is it? Don’t know if I agree. Say, do you think people can tell when they’re being watched, Norm?”



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